New Glaucoma Drug Development

At InSight Vision Group, we have a number of endeavors devoted to finding new classes of medication for glaucoma. While present medications are effective in the vast majority of patients, new future classes of medication may offer the potential for protecting or re-growing the optic nerve, for being used much less than once a day and may offer other benefits for the glaucomatous optic nerve. Many of these drug trials and developments are, understandably, highly proprietary and some are not publicly announced. We make every effort to keep our patients informed and to participate in drug trials of new agents as they become available.

New Surgical Device Development

We are constantly participating in the development of new surgical technologies for the glaucoma patient. These studies include a number of new devices to lower intraocular pressure and a number of new surgical approaches. We presently have clinical trials for a number of these approaches though not every patient is, of course, suitable for every clinical trial.

At InSight Vision Group we maintain lists of the latest glaucoma surgical procedures, latest medications and causes of open angle glaucoma. These lists are dynamic and changing and allow our patients a view of future developments. Proprietary information or information where there are intellectual property concerns do not appear on the published versions of these lists.

Please contact our Research Department at 303.797.1499 with any questions.