What Can I expect After Surgery?

Due to dilation and ocular dryness, the vision is typically blurry the first day or two after cataract surgery, and improves over the following week. Every eye heals differently, and the final vision result (with and without glasses correction) is generally measured about one month after surgery. As the eye heals, any other issues that the eye had prior to surgery ( such as macular degeneration) are also monitored as they could affect the final outcome. Patients are on drops for 2 to 3 weeks after surgery to help the eye heal and to prevent any post-operative problems.

Post-operative appointments generally take place at one day, at one week, and at one month after surgery in order to ensure proper healing and a successful outcome. Patients are usually able to update their eyeglass prescription with their primary care eye doctor as needed at about one month after surgery. Most patients will have some small correction for glasses for distance or for near, depending on the eye and the pre-surgery plan. For those who opt for a bifocal implant, it is important to realize that both eyes need to be well healed to obtain the best results for these lenses, and there may be a period of one to six months where the eyes need to “adapt” to the new vision and to how the IOL works.